Another dream of quiet nights

Awake, close our ears, hear our own breath, the round and round of the Universes. On the way in Universal colours, colours Universal on the way out. Breathe… marvelling at the peace of sleep, the bliss of rest, the quiet of closed eyes… Push off with the feet, all the way to the toes, and the body slowly rises up, ever so slowly, to be floating above the Earth, just the length of a caterpillar for now. Slowly flying forward, our bare toes skimming the tips of the green grass, softly acknowledging our connection.

And we sweep ourselves into the caterpillar’s outstretched existence pulsing with the need to transform completely. Eat. Be with eating. Time. Breathe. Be with breathing. Time.

We now crawl. We then fly. Within the same existence! And the butterfly remembers being a caterpillar. The butterfly looks at the reflection in the slow flowing river to admire the miracle of her own flight, her own reds, oranges, greens, blues, her spectacular, hued flight. Fly butterflies fly. Crawl caterpillars crawl. We each have our place and our place to go, our own colours and our colours to go.

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