The Universe is a Green Dragon

5134iIWJZ4L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_We are currently reading The Universe is a Green Dragon which has helped us gain perspective on the human species and the uniqueness of planet Earth in its relation to the Universe. This is science we’re talking about, not “just” cosmology. Imagine that our place and our right-relation to this planet we get to be on is as Caregivers to one of the Universe’s most unique endeavors, a planet that is creating unique forms of life in all the Universe. Why would we not make that our top priority? To fully participate in gratitude and awe for what is a unique opportunity to learn from and encourage the natural abundance of an Earth that can continue to unfold exquisitely if we only find our right-relation to ourselves, each other, all species and the planet. Why would we destroy or extract from or rearrange the Earth and it’s species in the name of anything let alone in the name of a completely human-made relatively new system called “money” which has no relation to the biology and unique existence of this planet? Ridiculous, really. Let us reward and encourage and foster those that are encouraging and fostering the natural fecundity and splendor of our planet!

We wish we could quote the whole book, but here’s one quote:
“Youth: Oceans seem so ordinary.
“Thomas: Yes, they do, but that only reflects the ordinariness of our minds. When we take the whole universe as our fundamental frame of reference, we begin to appreciate the cosmic significance of running water. Only by establishing ourselves within the unfolding cosmos as a whole can we begin to discover the meaning and significance of ordinary things.

“Earth was a cauldron of chemical and elemental creativity, fashioning ever more complex forms and combinations until life burst forth in the oceans and spread across the continents, covering the entire planet. This creativity advanced until flowers bloomed on every continent, then advanced further until the vision of the flowers and all beauty could be deeply felt and appreciated. We are the latest, and most recent, the youngest extravagance of this stupendously creative Earth.”

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